The conventions takes place from friday evening 13 march 2020 untill sunday afternoon 15 march 2020.
Down below you can see the exact details about when things are happening.

-20:00 start of festival, participants can arrive in the sports hall
-21:00 sleeping space is open The rest of the night you can juggle and hang out in the hall as long as you like!

-08:30-12:00 breakfast
-12:00-17:00 workshops in the main hall
-17:30-19:00 diner
-19:00-21:00 swimming pool open exclusively for participants of WJW
– 22:30-23:00 fight night

-8:30-12:00 breakfast
-12:00-14:00 workshops in the main hall
-14:00-15:30 games
-16:00 end of the convention