Practice Meetings

-Tuesday: Maastricht in the city park near the old cannons in the summer and in the winter in a gym at Kardinaal van Rossumplein 99. La Bellettsa. Because of the corona virus, we won’t be able to practice in the gym on tuesday at the following dates: 10 November 2020 and 17 November 2020.

A Tuesday evening in the park of Maastricht

-Friday: Heerlen at the grass field near the theater in the city center during the summer.
In a gym at Meesenbroekerweg 5(new adress since November 2020) during the winter.

A Friday evening in the gym in Heerlen

Practice times:

-Winter: September till April

Heerlen: 19:30 till 22:00 (Friday)

Maastricht: 19:00 till 21:30(Tuesday)

-Summer: May till August

from 19:00 till how long you want to stay

First time is FREE during the winter and the whole summer we practice outside so that is always free!

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